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Teloglion Foundation was established in 1971 after the donation of art collection and property of Nestor and Aliki Teloglou to Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The building was handed over to the city of Thessaloniki in December 1999 by Aliki Teloglou almost thirty years after her husband’s death, Nestor. Teloglion’s collection, which was supported by donations such as that of Dimitrios Tsamis, Ioanna and Tonis Spiteris and many others, is of historical significance, since it includes important works that mark key moments of Modern Greek and European art. The quantity (about 8.000 artworks), the quality, the unexpected choices of works, as well as the bond that was forged between the founders and the artists, makes Teloglion’s collection one of the most important in Greece.
The collection of Modern Greek art includes portraits and important works of the Eptanisian School and its descendants (Kantounis, Lanzas, Xydias-Typaldos, Prosalentis, etc.), works of important representatives of the Munich School and their followers (Gyzis, Iacobidis, Lytras, Pantazis, Lembesis, Altamuras, Volanakis, Roillos, Vikatos, Flora-Karavia, Laskaridou, etc.), Modernists, who renewed Greek art in the early 20th century (Parthenis, Maleas, Bouzianis, etc.) painters of 1930s generation (Gounaropoulos, Kontoglou, Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Engonopoulos, Tsarouchis, etc.), artists, who from 1950-60 and onwards, turned to abstract art (Kontopoulos, Marthas, Spyropoulos, etc.), figurative art (Diamantopoulos, Mavroidis, Tetsis, etc.) and surrealists (Papanelopoulos, Karavouzis, etc.). Equally important is the collection of engravings (with works by Galanis, Kanthos, Katraki, Tassos, Sikeliotis, etc.) and sculptures (created by Sklavos, Spiteris, Koulendianos, Patsoglou, Tzobanakis, Nikolaidis, Pastra etc). Great advantage of the collection is the large number of works, created by artists from Northern Greece (Rengos, Sachinis, Svoronos, Venetoulias, Loustas, etc.). In addition to the Greek, there is a European art collection that includes a part of a panorama painted by Felix Henri Emmanuel Philippoteaux, along with works by Boucher, Salvator Rosa, Robert Hubert, Soutine, Dufy, Cocteau, Marini and others.
Main Foundation’s goals are to systematically acquaint the public with art, to collect, record and study our cultural heritage, to create conditions for the collaboration of artists and art scholars, as well as to effectively connect children with artwork through educational programs. Educational policy defines a primary function of the Foundation. Periodical and permanent exhibitions in collaboration with institutions from Greece and abroad, conferences, publications, parallel events (music, theater, dance, literature, research etc.) related to the theme of the main exhibition play fundamental role to the Foundation’s policy. Within this framework, an extractive, open, interactive Museum is formed. A Museum that combines research, education, art, culture and science and focuses on children, students, employees, elderly people and vulnerable social groups.


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